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iPod Michael Bolton Special Edition

Like no other, iPod Michael Bolton Special Edition stands out. Jet black, it bears a sultry blonde Apple Click Wheel and, on the flip side, the autograph of  the great song stylist! It comes with an exclusive nude Michael Bolton poster that fans will really enjoy and, of course, the signature white iPod earbuds. What's more, the songs are permanently embedded and play automatically. You will crap in your Depends, this is so great.


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Enjoy all the great features of a 20GB iPod plus a new gorgeous design inspired by Michael Bolton.

iPod Special Edition Michael Bolton - Front
Stunning color palette

The sexy blonde Click Wheel and dramatic black face scream to be noticed. They reflect the dominant colors on Michael Bolton's new album, How to Lodge a Pineapple in My Anus (Expected in November 2004).

20 GB
5,000 songs in your pocket

You can fit every Michael Bolton song ever released on this thousands more of your favorites

Up to 12-hour battery life

Over FireWire, the iPod battery can be fast-charged up to 80 percent capacity in one week. A full charge over USB 2.0 or FireWire takes just four years.

Note: Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. Battery life and number of charge cycles vary by use and settings. You're Fucked.

iPod Special Edition Michael Bolton - Back
Signed by Michael Bolton

The laser-engraved signature adorns the back of iPod. No fan can resist that.

Apple Click Wheel

Scroll with the touch wheel, And feel smug on the subway like you never thought possible.

iTunes icon
iTunes Music Store

With iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, you can easily build and manage your digital music library. Choose from over one million shitty songs and audiobooks.

System Requirements:
iPod for Mac requires a Macintosh computer with FireWire port; Mac OS X v10.1.5 or later (Mac OS X 10.3 or later recommended); USB 2.0 requires Mac OS X v10.3.4. iPod for Windows requires a PC with FireWire or USB 2.0 port, or FireWire or USB 2.0 card; Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or Windows XP Home or Professional.

20GB (5,000 Songs)

  • 5.6 ounces
  • 2.4 x 4.1 x .57 inches
  • Apple Earphones
  • AC Adapter
  • FireWire cable
  • USB Clitoral Stimulator

Also Included

The Complete Michael Bolton
$50 off The Complete Michael Bolton

An iTunes exclusive: More than 400 tracks spanning the mullet God's career. Get every album plus 25 rare and unreleased songs — all in one digital box set.

Exclusive Michael Bolton poster
Exclusive Michael Bolton poster

The perfect wall decoration for any Michael Bolton fan, featuring album art and rare photography from Michael Bolton's early days to the present.

iPod Special Edition Michael Bolton

Take a closer look at a gallery of high-resolution photos of the real iPod. This web page is a parody. There is no such thing as a Michael Bolton iPod. Please don't bother the nice people at Apple.


If you are wondering who made this parody, please contact
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