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InvertedNun.jpg 02/02/05
An interesting idea which kinda went sour. Inspired, once again, by a picture of a sign, I used the letters to spell an interesting phrase ("Inverted Nun and Viper"), which I then used as the inspiration for a whole series of pictures.
I'm always in search of new "cast members" for arsenal of personal clichés, and I thought the Inverted Nun had real possibilities. Alas, it was not to be, and the hot new superstar quickly outwore her welcome with her insane demands and controversial behavior. Finally, after serving as fodder for one too many sleazy tabloids, the Inverted Nun had to be let go, and her present whereabouts are unknown. If you happen to see an Inverted Nun, just let her be. She had a good run, though! In the end, she was a surprisingly versatile character, and her correctly-oriented cousins staged an eventual comeback...